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The Coastal Carolina Fencing Association brings the fast-paced sport of fencing to the Myrtle Beach area. The CCFA will help fencers attain their goals in the sport, whether those goals are for physical fitness, a friendly bout among club members, or training for regional and national tournaments.

CCFA members are men and women, and range in age from nine years old to over 50. A few have fenced in high school or college before they joined the club, but most are new to the sport.

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A Myrtle Beach Fencing Club

CCFA welcomes new members at all times. CCFA offers fencing lessons and fencing instruction in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. You are invited to come by and observe one of our classes at no obligation. Call us at (843) 293-2852 for more information.

The mission of the CCFA is to provide an enjoyable and affordable experience in the sport of fencing for the beginner, intermediate or advanced fencer, regardless of socioeconomic or cultural status, in an environment which fosters sportsmanship, physical well-being, and character development.

Our purpose is to provide quality facilities, equipment and instruction for the sport of fencing. Fencing requires physical skill and fitness, mental acuity and preparation, and demands that its participants compete with courtesy and respect for the rules, the officials, and the other competitors.

The CCFA will address all of these areas in order to produce fencers who can competently and confidently compete, both physically and mentally, at all skill levels, and whose conduct engenders respect for themselves, their families, and their club.